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Coconut Oil for Pet Tear Stains Goodbye Ugly Red Streaks
By Tammie Burnsed (0) Comments
Those red, rusty tear stains are like blemishes on your sweet puppy’s face. Tear stains aren’t harmful to your pet, but they look unattractive and can emit an unpleasant odor. [...]
Tub Tea 8 Common Herbs for the Best Bath of Your Life
By Tammie Burnsed (0) Comments
Tub tea is one of the newest old things to hit the natural self-care market. Essentially, a tub tea is nothing more than a handful of herbs and flowers left [...]
Sugar Detox Why You Should Try It
By Tammie Burnsed (0) Comments
The average American consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar each year. Yes, you read that right, 150 pounds. Knowing this number, and the dangers of eating too much sugar, [...]