10 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

10 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

For us humans, coconut oil has always been very useful. Aside from the fact that it is an effective supplement, it is also a great aid for weight loss and for patients with Alzheimer’s. With everything it can do, we can’t help but wonder, “Is there anything else that coconut oil can’t do?”

Well, we can’t think of anything, not one. Then again, it’s just recently that we’ve known that this wonder oil can actually benefit our fur babies. Yes, you read that right.

So, without further ado, we’ll share with you 10 benefits of coconut oil for dogs.

1. Skin and Coat Improvement

If you’ve been reading books and papers about how to care for dogs, then you should know that their skin and coat can give you hints about their overall health. The good news is that coconut oil can be of great help when it comes to improving your pet’s skin and coat. Add it to their dog food to let it do wonders on the inside the body. Better yet, apply it directly to the skin to clear conditions and yeast infections.

2. Weight Loss Aid

The benefits of coconut oil for dogs extend down to the skin’s surface. Since it supports the function of the thyroid glands, which are responsible for providing energy, your pets should experience an improved activity level. And if the activity levels are just right, a healthy weight is maintained.

3. Disease Prevention

Coconut oil is known for its healing properties, too. Not only does it help balances the levels of insulin to prevent diabetes. It also improves the immune system’s ability to combat infection.

4. Better Digestion

According to research, coconut oil can help improve the digestion of dogs. It is also said to help prevent digestive disorders like colitis as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

5. Parasite Control

Fleas and ticks are common problems among our pet dogs. But that does not mean you just leave them as is. Applied topically, coconut oil can help improve their coat and skin, deterring and keeping fleas and ticks at bay.

6. Heal Wounds

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties. That said, applying it to wounds might just help prevent infection and speed up the healing process. However, when using it, make sure you keep an eye on the affected area. If the wound becomes worse, consult the vet.

7. Healthier Oral Health

Again, thanks to the antimicrobial property of coconut oil, a dose of it mixed with your pet’s food can help treat oral problems like gum disease and yeast infections.

8. Relieve Achy Joints

If your pooch is a bit older, he can also benefit from coconut oil’s healing properties. Because this wonder oil is an all-natural inflammatory, when used, it can help reduce the discomfort brought about by joint problems. It even provides the body with an ample supply of good fats, needed to lubricate the joints in the body.

9. Balance Hormones

Is your pet experiencing random mood swings? If your answer is a yes, then coconut oil might just calm him down. Although there are many different possible causes for such, hormonal imbalance is the most common. The good news is that feeding coconut oil or adding it to his meal may bring improvement in his mood. Why? The answer is simple. The healthy fats present in coconut oil help fuel the synthesis of your pet’s hormones.

10. Weight Control

Does your pooch need to shed his excess pounds? Coconut oil can also help. Similar to its effects on us humans, this oil can help stabilize appetite and boost metabolism. So, when ingested, you and your pet might feel full for longer periods of time. For pets, a daily dose of 1 tsp. per day for every 4.5 kg. of your pet’s weight is ideal.

While the benefits of coconut oil for dogs is recognized by some animal experts, it is always a great idea to seek the advice of the vet. You never know. Your pet might be allergic to coconuts.

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