11 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil

11 Surprising Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil

Who knew coconut oil would turn out to be the solution to all your problems?

Coconut oil is no longer just known for the magic it does to your hair. It also has many health benefits in terms of health and skin care. Coconut oil has turned out to be the underdog of the oil industry.

Known as the ‘wonder oil’, this substance has been the go-to ingredient for centuries! Here is the list of 11 surprising benefits and uses of coconut oil.

1. Better hair

Want long and shiny hair? –I have a magic potion for you: Coconut oil. Seriously, if you haven’t been applying this product on your hair already, I think it’s about time you start.

Coconut oil is known to be an extremely popular hair care product which makes your hair soft and reduces damage. Applying coconut oil also helps get rid of dandruff as it lessens dryness in the scalp.

Coconut has a great protein base which does wonders to your hair by nourishing it and promoting re-growth.

2. Healthy Skin

Dry skin? -Use coconut oil. People have been using this for eons due to its moisturizing effect. Massage organic coconut oil on to your body and you will see the surprising difference it makes.

Coconut oil helps get rid of flaky skin. It gives you smoother and softer skin. It is also used in many skin care products due to its antioxidant properties.

Not only that, coconut oil also reduces wrinkles and many other skin problems like eczema and dermatitis. Some homemade coconut oil masks also make for a great scrub for your body. It revitalizes your skin and makes it luminous!

3. Faster Weight Loss

Wait, what? Can coconut oil help reduce weight?

Cold-pressed coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids. So cooking with it can be beneficial as it cuts down carbs. Coconut oil increases metabolism and burns more energy, which helps lose weight faster. It also contributes to the thyroid and endocrine system to function better and stay healthier.

Using coconut oil while cooking is a great way to lose weight without having to exercise or run for hours. Just a few little drops of it every day and say hello to a healthier life!

4. Better Digestion

Coconut oil is easy to digest. Unlike other edible oils, the saturated fats present in coconut oil helps deal with bacteria and fungi. This, as a result, leads to an improved digestive system.

It also helps reduce bowel and stomach related problems. Coconut oil helps absorb vitamins and other healthy nutrients, which leads to a healthier body.

5. Boosts Energy

If you are on a diet, it is pretty obvious to feel drained drown. Consuming coconut oil with your food can help boost your energy while helping you lose weight.

The calorie count for coconut oil is comparatively lesser than other oils. This helps enhance your stamina and energy. Also, it contains the good fat, which does not lead to blockage in the arteries.

If you are fitness conscious, then coconut oil is a good supplement for you.

6. Better Immune System

Having coconut oil can increase your immunity. The anti-bacterial properties found in coconut oil is considered to fight bacteria and parasites which causes illnesses.

It fights influenza, herpes and many other viruses. Applying coconut oil can also heal bruises faster by protecting it from bacteria. It heals damaged tissues in the body faster.

Coconut oil helps dissolve kidney stones and prevents liver diseases. It keeps our organs healthy and kicking!

7. Reduces Diabetes

Consuming pure coconut oil can aid people with diabetes. It helps to decrease the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

Coconut oil utilizes the blood glucose and increases the secretion of insulin and controls the sugar level in the body.

8. Increased Bone Development

Applying coconut oil can treat arthritis pain to some extent by strengthening your muscles and causing less joint pain.

The high levels of lauric acid present in coconut oil help diminish infection. Virgin coconut oil can also help reduce bone loss.

Rub coconut oil gently on the stiff areas and it will help loosen up the joints, making them easier to move. Massaging it would increase blood circulation, which as a result reduces pain in the bones.

As coconut oil can absorb more nutrients and vitamins, it helps to absorb calcium which contributes to bone development.

9. Healthier Heart

Coconut oil is believed to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. The good fat found in coconut oil reduces the risk of heart failure and boosts heart health.

It has several chemical properties which contribute to a healthy heart and keeps us fit like a fiddle!

10. Dental Care

I had no idea coconut oil could benefit our teeth. Apparently, it prevents tooth decay due to the absorption of calcium and helps reduce plaque, making your teeth stronger.

Go, grab your coconut oil and flaunt that smile!

11. Treats Alzheimer’s Disease

Coconut oil is known to relieve us from fatigue and other mental stress!

Virgin coconut oil is believed to increase brain function. It is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease due to its antioxidant properties, which help boost brain function.


We strongly recommend coconut oil for its several other benefits and uses! It is an amazing carrier oil, which is easy to find and also quite affordable. Coconut oil is best for skin care purpose and has almost zero to no side-effects!


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