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21 Best Paleo Diet Blogs on the Internet Today

21 Best Paleo Diet Blogs on the Internet Today

Though we never really hear much about them, there are actually plenty of Paleo diet blogs out there that have been making buzzes on the online realm for years now due to the valuable information they share with their avid readers and followers. Knowing that they deserve to be recognized for the extra effort they take just to impart their expertise with others, we came up with this compilation.

This has been listed in no particular order, so here you go.

These are 21 of the best Paleo diet blogs you should be reading and following today.

1. The Paleo Mom

The Paleo Mom aims to find answers and explanations to myths about Paleo diet. Here, the real Paleo mom, Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D., shares various healthy recipes, comfort foods, and gourmet dishes that fit every special occasion. True indeed, it’s a blog that “respects your choices, and shares in both struggles and successes”.

The Paleo Mom
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2. Nom Nom Paleo

The best special diet blog of 2012 according to Saveur Magazine, Nom Nom Paleo is owned by Michelle Tam. She loves to eat so much that she thinks about food most of the time. But with her blog, she observes moderation by sharing tasty yet nutritious dishes, which she happily prepares with her partner.

Nom Nom Paleo
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3. Rubies and Radishes

Rubies and Radishes is a blog that features not only Paleo recipes , but also some handy tips on how to live well. Owned by Arsy from L.A., this is definitely a great place to learn various organic and tasty meals you can serve your friends and family.

Rubies & Radishes
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4. Paleo Leap

To learn everything about eating and living a Paleo lifestyle, we recommend you visit Paleo Leap. This blog shares new recipes every week that’ll surely inspire you to continue serving healthy yet delightful meals to everybody!

Paleo Leap
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5. PaleOMG

Ran by Juli Bauer, PaleOMG covers lots of aspects of Paleo – food, meal plans, fitness, and even beauty! Because of the many interesting content shared here, it has since been featured on popular websites, such as The New York Times, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, PALEO Magazine, and ABC.

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6. Eat Drink Paleo

Although it talks about nutrition and fitness at times, Eat Drink Paleo is basically a food and cooking website, wherein posts are based on personal experiences. Irena, the owner, aims to help educate Paleo buffs to get them through the Paleo world.

Eat Drink Paleo
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7. PaleoAholic

PaleoAholic is run by a team of individuals, who are “addicted to Paleo”. Here, they share tips and hacks on how to live a Paleo lifestyle. Aside from that, they post many unique recipes, which has inspired a multitude of Paleo blogs.

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8. Stupid Easy Paleo

Looking to change the way you live your lives? Turn to Paleo diet and visit Stupid Easy Paleo. With the help of its owner, Steph Gaudreau, this blog can guide you to a better health because it is full of helpful ideas on what to eat to have unlimited energy and a fit body.

Stupid Easy Paleo
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9. Real Food Liz

Real Food Liz shares everything related to real food, beauty, and healthy families. Liz, the owner of the blog, enjoys sharing some fun, personal details about her life. On her blog, she wants us to realize that everything natural is great for us. We have to nourish our souls with such.

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10. The Shrinking Violet

The owner and the real The Shrinking Violet is a living proof that by eating and living healthy, you can always achieve your goals. Since Elora started her website in 2014, many have been reaching out to her to get answers and tips about proper lifestyle. So if you feel like you need inspiration, this blog is for you.

The Shrinking Violet
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11. Elana’s Pantry

Founded by New York Times’s Bestselling author Elana Amsterdam in 2006, Elana’s Pantry is a great blog that features lots of easy and grain-free Paleo recipes. If you want to turn to ancestral eating, this is your go-to website.

Elana's Pantry
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12. Olive You Whole

Whether it’s Paleo or not, Olive You Whole encourages you to strive to eat clean. Caroline Fausel, the mind behind this nutrition blog, shares her understanding on what makes people healthy and creates yummy meals for everybody!

Olive You Whole
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13. Mark’s Daily Apple

In this modern era, can you live primal? Of course! Mark’s Daily Apple aims to “empower people to take full responsibility of their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness”. Many have since been inspired to lose extra pounds by following this blog.

Mark's Daily Apple
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14. Paleo Grubs

On Paleo grubs, you will find many sumptuous Paleo recipes. You will also learn what foods are safe to eat and what are not. Additionally, you get to discover lots of helpful insights and advice for you to enjoy living the Paleo way!

Paleo Grubs
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15. London Paleo Kitchen

Interested in trying a Paleo diet, but don’t know where to start? You might want to check what London Paleo Kitchen has to offer. Although this was started by Alicia and Arifa, Tasha is doing well in handling it since she took over in April 2015. Here, she writes about her kitchen adventures and thoughts on nutrition.

London Paleo Kitchen
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16. Bravo for Paleo

A Paleo diet blog based on Monica Bravo’s personal experience, Bravo for Paleo believes that Paleo is the diet we are all eating throughout our existence. This includes food that is locally sourced and grown, such as vegetables, nuts, meat, and coconut oil.

Bravo for Paleo
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17. Urban Farm U

Want to get out of a life revolving around commercial and processed food? Urban Farm U can help you. Unlike any other Paleo diet blogs, it aims to encourage you to grow your own food by providing the adequate knowledge you might need.

Urban Farm U
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18. Popular Paleo

Ciarra of Popular Paleo has always been committed to Paleo since 2012. It has changed her life in so many ways to the point that she’s been helping others in the process of living the Paleo way, one step at a time. According to her, this blog is where real food meets real life.

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19. Mangia Paleo

Want to live Paleo but enjoy eating Italian-inspired dishes, check out the Mangia Paleo blog. Due to the helpful information it gives, in the past few years, this has captured the attention of many big websites, such as A Woman’s Health,,, and Paleo Magazine Radio.

Mangia Paleo
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20. AIP Lifestyle

Jessica Flanigan believes that “Everything we need to heal is inside of us right now.” That is why she decided to share her expertise through AIP Lifestyle. On this blog, she invents healthy recipes that your family will love, as well as insights on progressive healing of chronic diseases through love, science, diet, and compassion.

AIP Lifestyle
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21. Paleo Foodie Kitchen

On Paleo Foodie Kitchen, new Paleo recipes are added on a weekly basis. And what’s great about them is that they’re influenced by both Asian and American cuisines. This blog was started as a way to share recipes with everyone to inspire others to a lifestyle lived the Paleo way!

Paleo Foodie Kitchen
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We’re sure that you’re feeling hungry right now and you want to hit the kitchen to try different Paleo dishes. Hopefully, these Paleo diet blogs could enlighten you on your journey to ancestral eating.