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35 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

35 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for all your loved ones can be the most difficult thing to do, especially when you’re on a tight budget. But when it’s the season of giving, nothing should stop you. Worry not. We are here to save your day! We have come up with a list of the most creative, thoughtful, and budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas, you can put together without having to spend so much of your time and money.

Unique 35 Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

1. DIY Multi-Strand Scarf | Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

In just 10 minutes, you can make this chic multi-strand scarf. Using an old shirt and a pair of scissors, Catherine of Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth teaches us how to do it in seven easy steps. It can be worn to a yoga session or bundle it up in any way you want.

DIY Multi-Strand Scarf
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2. Coconut Oil Lip Balm | Coco Treasure

Christmas day could get very cold to the point that everything gets dry, including your lips. So why not give away lip balms made of organic coconut oil to your pals? Check out our very own recipe.

Coconut oil lip balm

3. Mini Cookie Snowglobes | I Heart Naptime

It’s in a jar. It’s filled with snow. You can shake it. Is it a snow globe? Well, maybe. It’s actually a cookie snowglobe. I Heart Naptime’s Christmas gift idea is pure genius, a tasty twist on an all-time favorite!

Mini Cookie Snowglobes
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4. DIY Chalkboard Coasters | Living Well Spending Less

This idea of Living Well Spending Less is novel and affordable. As a matter of fact, all you need is time to dry everything and you’re all set. What makes it a nicer present is that you can customize it with some accessories like buttons. Next, wrap it neatly in a fancy packaging. Check out this one of the amazing budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas in their site!

DIY Chalkboard Coaster Set
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5. Christmas Piñata | Apartment Therapy

Piñatas aren’t just for birthday parties for kids. They’re also for Christmas! Apartment Therapy teaches us how to make them in less than 2 hours. After that, you can give them away. But if you’d love to, you can just hang them at home as a Christmas ornament, just like a mistletoe.

Christmas Piñata
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6. DIY Hot Cocoa Cones | Simply Jessica Marie

Other than offering a cup of bulletproof coffee, how about something distinctive to keep your guests warm during the holidays? Simply Jessica Marie has this perfect partner for personalized mugs you are giving away. Worth checking out, isn’t it?

DIY Hot Cocoa Cones
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7. Glass Pendant Necklaces | Simply Modern Mom

For your fashionable and sassy friends, Simply Modern Mom has a gift idea for them—pendant necklaces. By using materials you have at home, you can customize them according to your gals’ liking. What’s more? You’ll surely find a lot of budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas to get busy with in her blog.

Glass Pendant Necklaces
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8. Fluff Bears | All About Ami

Instead of purchasing a teddy bear for your adorable cousins, All About Ami suggests you make your own. Not only are they cute, they’re also budget-friendly. Plus, you can personalize it to give it more character.

Fluff Bears
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9. Hershey’s Christmas Tree | Qbees Quest

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or Christmas, chocolates always make the best gift. But to make them fit for the Yuletide season, Qbees Quest suggests you exert extra effort. Check out their adorable idea.

Hershey’s Christmas Tree
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10. Halligan’s American Travel Map | Design Sponge

Do you have friends who enjoy traveling? This creative travel map by Design Sponge should impress them! Make it more interactive by putting colorful pins, which they could use to mark those places they’ve been to or plan to go.

Halligan’s American Travel Map
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11. DIY Gold Dipped Vase | Two Twenty One

For those of you who have glass vases that are no longer in use, overhaul them with Two Twenty One’s elegant technique. Once you are through, put in a bunch of fresh flowers. Indeed, this is just one of the budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas that you can invest your time on.

DIY Gold Dipped Vase
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12. DIY iPad Case | Oh So Lovely Vintage

Oh So Lovely Vintage’s has the most budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas you can give to your friends, who own tablets and iPads. Because you can put personal touches on it, it’ll look even pricier than the store-bought ones.

DIY iPad Case
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13. Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes | Lines Across

If you already have a gift in mind, then great! But you can still make it extra special with a lovely box! Lines Across has a tutorial you can easily follow. In fact, all you need to do is fold, cut, tie, and embellish!

Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes
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14. Two-Toned Tote | Mommy by Day Crafter by Night

Thinking about giving away something useful yet stylish this Christmas? Mommy by Day Crafter by Night can help you. Make a special tote bag for your loved ones!

Two-Toned Tote
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15. Silhouette Jewelry | Less-than-Perfect Life of Bliss

Everybody is going nuts about this thoughtful present from Less-than-Perfect Life of Bliss. Though it’s a jewelry, it’s not expensive like what you think. Use the silhouettes of your recipients to make it personalized.

Silhouette Jewelry
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16. Paper Lanterns | Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Nowadays, paper lanterns are made available at stores. However, gifting one that is homemade is just so much special. In addition to that, you can even decide what type of paper to use! Homemade Gifts Made Easy teaches us how to make one without going wrong.

Paper Lanterns
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17. DIY Snowflake Wall Art | Momtastic

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this simple piece of art? Even if it is simple, it really has a great impact on the background. So go ahead and make a few for your friends. We know they’ll love it!

DIY Snowflake Wall Art
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18. Fabric Scrap Key Chain | Craftiness Is Not Optional

If you have a very long get-Christmas-presents-for list, you might want to consider these keychains from Craftiness Is Not Optional. Because you only need small pieces of fabric, gather up those scraps you have at home. And then, add interesting features to make each one different.

Fabric Scrap Key Chain
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19. Wipe-Off Menu Board | Makes and Takes

Chalkboards and whiteboards are awesome, but they are sometimes common and boring, especially as a Christmas present. Thankfully, Makes and Takes has a clever idea to make it more interesting. Plus, you’ll definitely have fun browsing through their other budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas.

Wipe-Off Menu Board
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20. DIY Drop Cloth Pillow Covers | Place of My Taste

Pillow covers are usually the best gifts for households. They don’t just beautify the living room or bedroom. They also keep our fixtures clean and tidy. So, we assume you already have another Christmas gift idea to add to your list? If so, Place of My Taste can guide you how to make one.

DIY Drop Cloth Pillow Covers
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21. Rustic Leather Sketchbook | Duo Fiberworks

Duo Fiberworks has a Christmas gift suggestion that is not just for the artistic ones. This can be used by those who love to write notes and scribble random thoughts. Moreover, what makes this an even amazing gift is that it appears like something you can purchase from a craft store!

Rustic Leather Sketchbook
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22. Starburst Mirror | Crafty Nest

More often than not, we get envious of those classic mirrors sold in the stores. Sad to say, our pockets tell us no. Luckily, Crafty Nest inspires us to make one by ourselves at a very reasonable cost. Rest assured it’ll be loved by your family and friends, too!

Starburst Mirror
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23. DIY Owl Pin Cushion | Nette

It may look like just another DIY project you can make with a modelling clay, but truth be told, it’s more than that. It’s actually a pin cushion. Since it’s cute and adorable, perhaps you might want to give it away as a Christmas gift. Nette can provide you with a step-by-step guide to making one.

DIY Owl Pin Cushion
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24. DIY Colorful Mosaic Picture Frame | Useful DIY

Picture frames may be ordinary presents you receive every Christmas. But this year, why not transform it into something out-of-this-world? Check out Useful DIY’s visual tutorial.

DIY Colorful Mosaic Picture Frame
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25. DIY Toy Snow Globes | A Pumpkin and a Princess

If DIY stuffs are something you enjoy doing the most, then you will definitely love this Christmas gift idea by A Pumpkin and a Princess. You will only need a plastic snow globe, fake snow, washi tape, glue, and a toy figurine. In four easy steps, you’re done!

DIY Toy Snow Globes
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26. DIY Snow Globe Necklace | Tatertots & Jello

Is Christmas something you look forward to? Do you love jewelries? If the answer to both questions are a “yes”, you should try creating this Christmas-themed DIY necklace. It’s sweet and super easy to make. Promise!

DIY Snow Globe Necklace
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27. Miniatures in a Jar | Salt Tree

Yes, it is possible to make a waterless snow globe. While it makes a wonderful addition to the holiday decors you have in your humble abode, we know anyone who receives this will be thankful for you! Here’s a tutorial on how to make it from Salt Tree.

Miniatures in a Jar
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28. Homemade Mason Jar Spice Holders | Untrained Housewife

If you have plenty of friends who are fond of gardening, these homemade mason jar spice holders by the Untrained Housewife should impress them. Apparently, they’re clever yet affordable ways to store fresh herbs!

Homemade Mason Jar Spice Holders
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29. Redneck Wine Glass | Sustain Create and Flow

Are you a fan of mason jars and red wine? Here’s a smart way to combine both. Thanks to Sustain Create and Flow, we got to know about this genius and brilliant idea. Buckle up for a unique wine drinking experience.

Redneck Wine Glass
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30. Spray Painted Mason Jars | The CSI Project

As they say, every DIY project becomes better with spray paint. So The CSI Project shared a very easy yet beautiful spray paint project perfect as giveaways for the holidays! You’ll love this so better start gathering plenty of mason jars now. In case you have no empty mason jars, try other budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas the site offers.

Spray Painted Mason Jars
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31. Lawn Twister | DIY Showoff

Make Christmas more fun and exciting with a lawn twister game! DIY Showoff has this handy guide, which you can follow or modify to create your own game. After making some, wrap them up and give them away. Surely, your recipients will enjoy playing the lawn twister as much as you do!

Lawn Twister
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32. Homemade Gel Home Air Fresheners | Homespun with Love

During Christmas, we often close our homes to stop the cold air from coming in. Eventually, things get smelly than they should. What to do? Instead of spraying chemically-induced aerosols, make these homemade gel home air fresheners by Homespun with Love. Once you’ve experience its effects at your own home, send them away to every household to spread freshness.

Homemade Gel Home Air Fresheners
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33. Vintage Button Clock | Just Imagine

You are here because you want to find beautiful yet budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas, right? Okay, Just Imagine’s suggestion won’t disappoint you. It’s a DIY vintage button clock. It may be a bit intricate, but rest assured it would make a unique present.

Vintage Button Clock
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34. DIY Coffee Brewing Bags | Make the Best of Everything

We live for coffee. Well, maybe at least a cup of it in the morning is fine. So even if it’s not Christmas, make your coffee sessions more memorable and extraordinary with these brewing bags as featured on Make the Best of Everything!

DIY Coffee Brewing Bags
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35. Relaxing Coconut Oil Bath Bombs | Coco Treasure

Since it’s the talk of the town today, we need not to explain further why coconut oil products are ideal Christmas presents. In fact, anybody who receives this bath bombs made of organic coconut oil will certainly anticipate bath time!

Relaxing Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

Although the holiday season can be tough for your pocket, you can still afford to give presents to each and every one who is dear to you. Of course, that doesn’t mean spending much money. With a bit of creativity, just like these budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas, you can create something meaningful. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

How about you? Do you have any affordable yet meaningful Christmas gift ideas to share? Comment them below!