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6 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Nutrition

coconut nutrition

With so much great information available on coconut oil, it can be easy to forget about the coconut itself. This humble nut (Okay, officially it’s not a nut but is a drupe-like a plum or an olive) is packed with coconut nutrition along with a good dose of healthy coconut oil. Whether you’re eating coconut oil as a snack, using it in baking and cooking or are just curious about its nutritional value we break it down for you here.

Coconut Nutrition Per Serving

The USDA measures one serving of coconut meat at 80 grams or just under 3 ounces. That translates to roughly 1/8 cup or about a 2-inch square. Three ounces of coconut may not seem like much quantity, but in this case, it’s the quality that counts! Because of its high fat content, a small portion of coconut will make you feel full and satisfied.

  1. Coconut is low in carbs. One serving contains only about 7 grams of carbohydates—that’s about 1/3 the amount in a single apple.
  2. Coconut meat is a high-fiber snack with nearly 16% of your daily dose in one serving.
  3. Is it high in fat, of course! Coconut meat provides about 15 grams of the healthy oil that’s put this treat in the superfood category.
  4. Coconut is a rich source of vitamin C and essential B vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin.
  5. Coconut contains zero amounts of cholesterol but one serving provides 37mgs of phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol levels.
  6. Several trace minerals are found in coconut. One serving provides 60% of your daily requirement for manganese, 17% of copper and 11% the amount of recommended iron.

Think of is this way, everything we love about coconuts—coconut water, coconut milk and unrefined coconut oil—are all extracted from coconut flesh. When we bite into the fresh food itself we’re getting a small serving of all the best things this tropical treasure has to offer.

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6 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Nutrition
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6 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Nutrition
The benefits of coconut nutrition begin with the fruit itself. Packed full of vitamins & minerals, coconut provides so many of our favorite things.
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