7 Seemingly Unhealthy Things that are Actually Good for You

7 Seemingly Unhealthy Things That Are Actually Good for You

If you truly want to improve your health and get into shape, the first thing you want to do is perform a lot of research on how to do it. Nutrition and wellness is a surprisingly broad topic with a lot of facts you need to consider. But it also has a lot of conflicting opinions as well.

Nutrition is one of the most controversial sciences out there today. Hence, it's not surprising why millions of people out there share their own opinions on how you should be eating, how much you should exercise and so on. With that in mind, today I want to discuss certain things and habits that are considered to be extremely unhealthy by most health and fitness professionals.

Unhealthy Things That Are Actually Good for You

1. Dirt

A lot of new parents are extremely skittish about letting their child play outside in the dirt and enjoy themselves. That is primarily because the dirt is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, viruses and fungi. However, the thing is that this is exactly the reason why you should let them play with dirt. When kids are young, their immune system is very good at adapting to its surroundings. So, surrounding it with pathogens will help it become far more resilient.


2. Beer

Alcohol is basically a toxin for the body that it wants to expel as much as it can. Although all alcohol is unhealthy if you take too much of it, if taken in moderation beer can actually be beneficial for your health. It contains a myriad of essential micronutrients, such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin B. Additionally, a study from 2005 suggests that a beer, low in alcohol can actually help in preventing certain types of cancer.


3. Red Wine

Just like beer, if taken in moderation, red wine can prove to be a lot more beneficial than many people might think. Wine contains certain active ingredients that exhibit strong antibacterial activity (similar to allicin in garlic). Also, it is full of essential antioxidants that fight the free radicals in your body, lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease. Studies have also shown that drinking red wine in moderation can reduce the risk of an elderly person developing Alzheimer’s disease.


4. Chocolate

Chocolate gets somewhat of a bad rep these days just like any other sugary treat, because of their tendency to contribute to obesity. But the truth is that cocoa, the ingredient that gives chocolate its specific taste, can contribute to cardiovascular health in a positive manner. It even serves as a probiotic which can prevent or alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea.


5. Stress

Stress is the number one cause of many serious diseases worldwide. It's the reason why everyone should try to avoid extreme stress whenever possible. The keyword here is “extreme” though. And studies have shown that low amounts of stress can not only contribute to productivity, but are really good for your overall mental health as well. When a person is stressed, the brain produces more of the stress fighting hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol can give a person a certain feeling of fulfillment that is essential for maintaining a healthy psyche.



6. Caffeine

Although you really shouldn’t overdo it with caffeine for obvious reasons, when taken in moderation, it is actually a really healthy alternative to various beverages. Not many people know this. But caffeine actually contains a powerful muscle relaxant that can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma in individuals who suffer from it. If you suffer from any form of fecal incontinence, though it might be a good idea to avoid coffee as it is a powerful natural diuretic.


7. Ice Cream

Finally – and this one might surprise you the most – a little bit of ice cream now and then is actually good for you. This is primarily because ice cream has a very low glycemic index. That means it takes a longer time for the sugar inside of it to be absorbed. The result of this is that ice cream can keep you full for longer periods of time. So, you’ll potentially have fewer cravings than you usually do.

Ice Cream

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