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Amazon Makes Coco Treasure’s Coconut Sugar Accessible to All!

Amazon Makes Coco Treasure’s Coconut Sugar Accessible to All!

The world has been on the lookout for healthier alternatives to ordinary table sugar. We, at Coco Treasure, know that and we want to help. It is for that reason why we have come up with a healthier substitute to cane sugar – our very own Coco Treasure Organic Coconut Sugar.

The Uses of Our Organic Coconut Sugar

Unlike regular cane sugar, our coconut sugar is packed with so many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. And since it contains phytonutrients and other nutritional compounds, it assists the body’s immune system.

With a glycemic index of only 35 and a lower amount of fructose, Coco Treasure’s Organic Coconut Sugar makes a great substitute for brown or white sugar in cooking and baking. Adding it to your morning coffee also enhances the flavor.

Our Coconut Sugar vs. Other Sugars

At Coco Treasure, we treat each and every product we have as amazing treasures. We understand and appreciate the hard work of our Filipino farmers, who climb up the coconut palm trees to harvest the precious nectar from the coconut blossoms.

Aside from going the extra mile climbing the trees, we also hand-craft our sugars in small batches using traditional methods. That way, the delicious flavor and the quality of our coconut products are preserved. Plus, they use a unique toasting method to give our sugar a golden color and a light caramelized aroma.

More Reasons to Buy Coconut Sugar 

Buying our coconut sugar is made easy as pie. You are able to make a purchase through Amazon and have your order delivered straight to your doorstep! However, in case you have any other concerns or questions about how to avail our organic coconut products, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

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Amazon Makes Coco Treasure’s Coconut Sugar Accessible to All!
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Amazon Makes Coco Treasure’s Coconut Sugar Accessible to All!
Coco Treasure's Organic Coconut Sugar has finally reached Amazon's warehouse, hence we're ready to fulfill your orders! Read more of this great news here.
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