Coconut Oil for Weight Loss: Help or Hype?

In the battle of the bulge, weary dieters will try almost anything to accelerate the difficult process of weight loss. Trying natural extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss might sound silly, until you learn the science behind it. Being big fans of the stuff and believing that the benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil are already good enough they don’t need to be exaggerated, we decided to find out if our favorite super food really is a super reducer. The answer may surprise you.

To understand why using organic extra virgin coconut oil for weight loss is a smart idea, we first have to take a look at the function of fat in the diet. Despite what we’ve been taught for the last few decades, fat is good. In an interview with Fitness Magazine, Dr. Barbara Roberts, director of the Women’s Cardiac Center at Miriam Hospital and author of How to Keep from Breaking Your Heart says “Your body needs it [fat] in order to function. Fats help you absorb vitamins…and they are vital for your nervous system.” Studies have shown that women who followed a diet rich with healthy fats lowered their risk of heart disease by as much almost 30 percent.

Fats satiate the appetite and makes our brains happy. The proper amount of healthy fat—about 30 percent of our daily calories—can actually help us eat less overall. Consuming fat also improves the mood, which may lead to even better self-care. Simply put, adding organic extra virgin coconut oil to your diet in order to reach the daily recommended fat intake could help promote weight loss.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Where natual coconut oil really shows promise as a weight-loss aid is in its high content of medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. Studies have found that humans burn more calories when a meal contains MCTs as compared with the long-chain triglycerides found in most oils. In addition, the body has a more difficult time storing the fats from extra virgin coconut oil than it does other kinds of fat.

Many people claim to have lost weight by simply adding a few teaspoons of coconut oil to their daily diet. Surprisingly, the evidence supports these claims:

  • Fats help us feel satisfied and eat fewer calories
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is especially filling, but the body doesn’t store it efficiently
  • The MCTs in coconut oil encourage the metabolism to burn more calories without more effort

Use organic extra virgin coconut oil to its best weight-loss advantage by substituting it for other fats such as vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, butter or margarine. Enjoyed as a cooking oil or as a fresh condiment, it really does offer hope in the struggle to shed those unwanted pounds.

Written by Tammie Burnsed

Tammie is a freelance and creative writer who usually disparages the term “super food” but makes an exception for coconut oil. Her research for Coco Treasure has turned her into a verified coco-nut, and she’s made peace with that. Tammie lives in sunny California where she enjoys painting, writing and sharing all things beachy with her husband and two dogs.

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