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Coco Treasure’s Organic Coconut Oil Is Now on Amazon!

Coco Treasure’s Organic Coconut Oil Is Now on Amazon!

It makes dishes more flavorful. It adds a fluffy twist to baked goods. It is also an excellent addition to bath and body routines. Oh, c’mon! With everything it can do, would you still ask why coconut oil has been such a buzz recently?

Well, now, we bet you want to fill your kitchen cabinets with this product. Thankfully, Coco Treasure heard your prayers. That is why we’ve decided to launch our Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on Amazon!

How to Use Our Coconut Oil

Coco Treasure’s Unrefined Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not only delicious; it is also very versatile. It can be used on sautéing vegetables and pan frying foods. It also makes a great substitute for butter in baked goods!

And because the body absorbs it easily, it is widely used for the skin and hair and is added to various beauty and health products.

What Makes It Different

Like all other coconut oils in the market, ours provides a plethora of health and body benefits. However, what makes it a total stand out is the way we treat it. As a precious resource, we take into consideration the efforts of the Filipino coconut farmers, who worked day and night cultivating the lands and nourishing the trees without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Our coconut oil is cold-pressed and has undergone an ANH Absolutely No Heat process. That means the aroma, flavor, and natural benefits are all retained. With the extra care exerted by our Filipino farmers, our coconut oil is considered a treasure to behold!

Where to Purchase our Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

From now on, this product is available for purchase online, through our website and on Amazon. But if you wish to express your interest in our organic coconut products, please do not hesitate to contact us through our email at [email protected].

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Coco Treasure’s Organic Coconut Oil Is Now on Amazon!
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Coco Treasure’s Organic Coconut Oil Is Now on Amazon!
Coco Treasure's Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is finally available for purchase on Amazon. Enjoy its many health benefits by placing an order today!
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