Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil Beauty and Skin Care

Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil [Body & Skin Care]

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The cleansing and antibacterial properties of coconut oil makes it a great addition to your personal beauty regiment. Since it is natural and gentle on the skin, you can always be creative with its uses.

1. Makeup Remover

Every makeup fan understands how hard it is to remove waterproof eyeliners and mascara. What’s worse is that effective makeup removers are too expensive. But with coconut oil, you won’t have to deal with all the irritating procedures to get rid of makeup. Simply rub an ample amount between your fingers to melt the oil and then apply it directly to your face. Even the most stubborn mascara can be removed with ease.

2. Facial Cleanser

Did you know that conventional cleansers contain chemicals that are harsh on the skin? Yes, that is correct. These products are the primary reasons why there is overproduction of oil, which leads to different skin issues like acne.

Regardless of your skin type, we say coconut oil is the perfect cleanser. No matter how oily your face can be, it can gently get rid of all impurities and dirt, but still, it leaves a bit of your face’s natural oils. As a result, your skin is moisturized, cleansed, and baby soft.

3. Skin Moisturizer

While coconut oil is already an excellent skin moisturizer on its own, you can always combine it with other essential oils for better results. The secret is basically to know your skin type and its needs. For instance, if your skin is the oily type, you might want to add dry carrier oils like olive or Argan oil.

4. Lip Balm

Even if it is cold outside, dry lips won’t stand a chance with coconut oil. Due to its healing properties, the lips will be nourished and protected against the external factors that cause dryness. Just apply it directly to the lips the way you do with a lip balm.

5. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling with coconut oil is the best way to improve dental health. Through this method, bacteria and bad breath are eliminated, tooth decay is prevented, and the immune system is boosted. To do oil pulling, you just need to swish a tablespoon of coconut oil and leave it in the mouth for 20 minutes. And then, rinse it with lukewarm water.

6. Bath Melts

Though they don’t bubble, bath melts give your body enough moisture. They just quickly dissolve in water. That’s it. And how do you make one? Grab some coconut oil and follow this DIY guide.

7. Wrinkle Reducer

To fight wrinkles and pre-mature aging, dab an ample amount of coco oil around the eyes or in the forehead. Leave it there overnight and you’ll wake up feeling fresh and young. For better results, add frankincense oil.

As shown on this list, the uses and perks of organic coconut oil are never-ending. And for sure, in the coming years, you’ll hear more about this miracle ingredient. So as early as now, why don’t you grab several jars of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil? After all, it doesn’t quickly go rancid.

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