Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil Household Uses

Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil [Household]

Part series according to their uses:
Body & Skin Care
Medicinal Uses
Kitchen (Cooking & Baking)
For Pets

Aside from cooking and medicine, coconut oil is also useful in the household. Here are some of its uses you might not have heard of.

1. Shoe Shiner

Instead of bringing your shoes to the repair shop, why not use coco oil to get rid of those marks and blemishes?  Yes, with this oil, you can make your leather boots shine as if they’re new!

2. Furniture Polish

To give your granite counter tops and furniture a shiny look, wipe the surfaces with coco oil. It even does a pretty good job at covering up those scratches.

3. Gum Remover

Having gum stuck in the hair can be very irritating and frustrating. You’d probably feel the same if you see it in your most priced furniture pieces. But with the application of coconut oil, gum can be easily removed. It won’t even leave marks and stains!

4. Hand Soap

Is it possible to make a hand soap with coconut oil? With creativity, nothing is impossible. Combine this ingredient with lard or Lye to achieve a soap like feel. But for added fragrance, you can put a few drops of essential oil.

5. Rust Reducer

Having problems with rusts on car parts or even your metal furniture? Rub some coconut oil onto them and you’ll never have to worry about those rusts. Simply apply a thin layer of this oil over the metal surface and leave it there for at least one hour. Wash it afterwards.

As shown on this list, the uses and perks of organic coconut oil are never-ending. And for sure, in the coming years, you’ll hear more about this miracle ingredient. So as early as now, why don’t you grab several jars of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil? After all, it doesn’t quickly go rancid.

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