Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil Kitchen Uses

Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil [Kitchen – Cooking & Baking]

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Coconut oil is the only oil that can withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for cooking. Check out some of its uses.

1. Salads

With coconut oil, you can create amazing salad recipes like this healthy weight loss salad recipe by Skinny Recipes. It involves the use of nothing but organic ingredients so as to achieve a healthy and nutritious dish. Watch this video and try it for yourself!

2. Sauces

Plain fried dishes are boring. So why not add some spice to them by using coconut oil in creating sauces. Cerri Norris teaches us how to make Salmon with Cream Sauce, which you can serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

3. Main Dishes

Make lunch or dinner times even more exciting by serving a dish you know is healthy and flavorful! Use coconut oil to try Sandy's very own Roasted Chicken in the Slow Cooker.

4. Coffee Creamer

Want to replace regular coffee creamers with something more natural, but has equally the same use? If the answer is a yes, then all you need is coconut oil. After adding it, you’ll be surprised to achieve a rich and creamy flavor, even in the absence of milk.

5. Butter Substitute

Of course, coconut oil can replace butter and vegetable oil in recipes. You can also use it to grease cake pans and baking sheets. No matter how you use it in baking, the results will come out right.

As shown on this list, the uses and perks of organic coconut oil are never-ending. And for sure, in the coming years, you’ll hear more about this miracle ingredient. So as early as now, why don’t you grab several jars of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil? After all, it doesn’t quickly go rancid.

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