Many Shocking Uses of Coconut Oil [Claims]

Part series according to their uses:
Body & Skin Care
Medicinal Uses
Kitchen (Cooking & Baking)
For Pets

Many are now attesting to the benefits of this wonder oil. Read what others have to say about this product.

1. Salus Elements

Studies show that the lauric acid and capric acid in #coconutoil help suppress inflammation.

— Salus Elements (@SalusElements) December 4, 2016

2. HealthRanger

Dementia prevention: #coconutoil continues succeeding; #BigPharma keeps failing.

— HealthRanger (@HealthRanger) December 1, 2016

3. kokoheights

We have an answer for everything: Frizzy hair? #CoconutOil. No shaving cream? #CoconutOil. Dry skin? #CoconutOil.

— kokoheights (@kokoheights) November 28, 2016

4. Freya

#CoconutOil: A New Cure for #ColonCancer

— Freya (@Freya58818128) November 25, 2016

5. Lifetime Daily

Try #CoconutOil: an at home remedy for high blood pressure. #healthbenefits #highbloodpressure #healthyaging

— Lifetime Daily (@LifetimeDaily) November 24, 2016

6. Sharon French

#CoconutOil for Hair Conditioner My #review after eight weeks

— Sharon French (@FitinfunSharon) November 24, 2016

7. Sex & London City

No make up days give me life. #Beauty #blogger tip: Smother your face & hair in #coconutoil wash off whenever you fancy... thank me later!

— Sex & London City (@Nixalina) November 23, 2016

As shown on this list, the uses and perks of organic coconut oil are never-ending. And for sure, in the coming years, you’ll hear more about this miracle ingredient. So as early as now, why don’t you grab several jars of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil? After all, it doesn’t quickly go rancid.

Tammie Burnsed

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Tammie is a freelance and creative writer who usually disparages the term “super food” but makes an exception for coconut oil. Her research for Coco Treasure has turned her into a verified coco-nut, and she’s made peace with that. Tammie lives in sunny California where she enjoys painting, writing and sharing all things beachy with her husband and two dogs.
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