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Myth or Fact: Use Coconut Oil for Eyelashes that are Longer and Fuller

Myth or Fact Use Coconut Oil for Eyelashes that are no Longer and Fuller

You may have read somewhere on the Internet that using coconut oil for eyelashes makes them grow fuller and longer. We know not everything on the Internet is true, and here at Coco Treasure Organics, we like to make sure our readers are getting useful information that can help them live happier, healthier lives. So we checked it out! We know coconut oil is miracle from nature, good for heart health, balancing blood sugars, lowering cholesterol, moisturizing skin and making hair shiny and manageable. If it can help grow luxurious eyelashes too, we want to know.

Here’s what we found out:

  1. Pure, organic unrefined coconut oil like Coco Treasure Organics Coconut oil is safe to use in and around the eyes. In fact, it’s a natural treatment for pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis. We frequently recommend coconut oil as an eye-make-up remover and are confident in its gentleness. So, if you want to try conditioning your lashes with coconut oil, it’s safe to do so. If a little does get in your eye, don’t worry. Your vision may be blurry for a minute or two—it is oil, after all—but it’s painless and should clear up quickly.
  2. A tiny bit of coconut oil brushed onto eyelashes makes them look longer and fuller. The deep conditioning provided by coconut oil makes every little lash gleam, giving the appearance of thicker lashes. If you don’t like wearing mascara and want a natural way to accentuate your eyes, a dab of coconut oil may do the trick. Try it for grooming eyebrows too!
  3. In a study comparing mineral oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, coconut oil was the only one that reduced protein loss in hair. A lack of protein makes hair look dull and damaged. Hair with healthy amounts of protein grows faster and is fuller than hair without. There’s also evidence that the fatty acids in coconut oil protect hair from breakage. If coconut oil is good for the hair on your head, it stands to reason it would also be good for eyelashes.

Verdict: Should You Try Coconut Oil for Eyelashes?

Our advice is, why not? While there are no studies directly linking coconut oil to eyelash growth, there is scientific evidence that coconut oil helps hair grow faster by keeping it healthier. Certainly, it can’t hurt. For best results, we recommend pre-conditioning eyelashes with the same method used for pre-conditioning hair. Gently massage coconut oil into hair (or lashes) and allow it to penetrate for 5 to 20 minutes. Wash hair as usual, but skip the conditioner after shampooing, you won’t need it.

If you’ve tried coconut oil for eyelashes, let us know your results. We’d love to hear from you.

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Myth or Fact: Use Coconut Oil for Eyelashes that are Longer and Fuller
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Myth or Fact: Use Coconut Oil for Eyelashes that are Longer and Fuller
Does using coconut oil for eyelashes really make them grow fuller and longer? Read this article to find out if this Internet rumor is true.
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