Fulfillment by Amazon

  • Shipping policies must be dull, boring and complicated. Right? Not hardly. Our dad was a visionary and taught us that shipping policies should be exciting, entertaining, and occasionally funny. We always occasionally obey our parents.
  • We is really smert so we ship your order using Fulfillment by Amazon, aka FBA. They ship directly from the Amazon warehouse closest to you. And since they have 100+ distribution centers in the US alone, odds are really good you get it PDQ. Also, since they have been practicing that shipping thing for awhile now they tend to get it right. Therefore you will sleep like a baby knowing you coconut goodies are headed your way at amazing Amazon speeds.
  • Our Fulfillment by Amazon service will not allow shipments to a POB (Post Office Box). A street address is required to receive deliveries from the delivery dudes.
  • We will ship within the US using FedEx, UPS or USPS.
  • International shipping? We got this. Amazon will ship to Europe on orders placed on Amazon EU websites. We don't know how to access them yet but we know they exist. That's more Coco Treasure awesomeness.
  • Our pocket protector guys are secretly working on a teleportation system that will deliver your products in 3-10 seconds depending on your internet speed. Sign up for our shameless plug, the Coconut Telegraph newsletter and keep up on their (Jofil's) progress.

Shipping Cutoff Time

  • We hate being "cut off" as much as the next guy but in this case, we have to do it. Since Amazon has standard shipping cutoff times they apply here as well. The cutoff time depends on the 100+ warehouses your product could ship from.
  • When you complete your order, we celebrate briefly and then pass it directly to our Amazon peeps. Amazon will ship the same day on orders received before 4 pm EST. Sorry, this does not include weekends and holidays. For those that just can't wait, we also offer faster shipping at an additional painless price. Place your order early and often to see if we speak the truth.

Shipping Charges

  • There is no free lunch here but we do our best to keep costs down. So, we started with no minimum order. Sure, we believe more is better. We only apply subliminal encouragement and the occasional discount for you to buy more.
  • We do awesome really well and think our shipping charges are no exception. Max charges start around 5 bucks for the first thing and then go down. Buy more save more. The most you can pay is 20 bucks for a bunch of stuff and if you get the order up to 50 bucks the shipping, poof, disappears. It's like magic. Want proof? Place an order to witness another Coco Treasure miracle.
  • Want it fast? No problemo. We do fast too. We like to take all the credit because we have no shame. But, truth be told, it's Amazon that will get it to you in 2 days. We (ok, Amazon) can even do next day. Unfortunately you have to pay a bit extra. Place your order and you will see how painless it really is.

Coco Treasure Organics Promise

  • Coco Treasure Organics offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we kept out the fine print. If you are not satisfied with our products, we will cheerfully issue a refund, then take it out on the kids. If you are unhappy, we are depressed and the kids are miserable.  We will refund your money, replace the product, or send you something else and the choice is always yours. That's a Coco Treasure pinky promise. Really Really.
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