DIY Facial & Body Scrub

Whether you enjoy whipping up your own beauty products or you’re just looking for a new option, this DIY Beauty Kit is an absolute necessity. Derived from pure coconuts, Coco Treasure Organics DIY Beauty Kit gives people more control over the products they use on their bodies.

Blend your own body scrub with our very own coconut oil and coconut sugar for a natural and mild exfoliation that will surely polish and refresh your skin.

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How to Use

  1. Take equal portions of the coconut oil and coconut sugar.
  2. Blend together in a small bowl.
  3. Enjoy your DIY, natural body scrub.

Coco Treasure Organics DIY Beauty Kit Inclusions

  • Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in a Glass Jar – 14 Fl. Oz – Coconut oil helps bring out your skin’s healthy glow as it penetrates deep into the skin to get rid of impurities.
  • Organic Coconut Sugar 300 grams – Mild yet exfoliating, coconut sugar soothes the skin, leaving it soft and radiant.
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