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Six Organic Coconut Products You Should be Using Now

Six Organic Coconut Products

It’s no surprise that today almost everyone knows about coconut oil. But it wasn’t long ago that hardly anyone not living in a tropical region knew the benefits or value of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil. As wonderful as coconut oil is, it’s not the only amazing food product to come from the humble coconut. Thanks to the ingenuity and good taste of people fortunate enough to live in coconut country, there are actually many ways in which the coconut has been turned into delicious ingredients for healthy eating.

How Many Organic Coconut Products can You Name?

1. Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is the dried, ground meat or copra of the coconut and should be nothing more! It is gluten-free, high in protein and fiber and contains the added benefit of coconut oil. Coconut flour can be used in all kinds of baking and cooking, but it does require some special considerations for perfect outcomes every time.

2. Coconut Vinegar

The health benefits of coconut vinegar are similar to those of apple cider vinegar but with zero calories and a much more pleasant taste.

3. Coconut Sugar

Collected from the sap or coconut blossoms, coconut sugar has been named the most sustainable sweetener in the world by the Food and Agriculture Organization. It is lightly sweet, rich in trace minerals and can easily be substituted for cane sugar in all your favorite recipes.

Bonus: Download a free coconut sugar recipe that will keep your blood sugar levels healthy.

4. Coconut Water

You know it as a replenishing drink after a hard workout or playing sports. It may be more accurate to call coconut water the “juice” of the coconut since it is the naturally occurring liquid that collects in the center of a ripe coconut. Since each serving of coconut water contains about 60 calories, it can be a mistake to treat coconut water as a substitute for actual H2O.

5. Coconut Jam

It sounds like something made from the fleshy white fruit, but coconut jam is actually made from coconut milk and coconut nectar syrup. It’s a delicious spread that can be used directly on toast or muffins, fruit or to top ice cream. It’s also a perfect substitute for any type of liquid sweetener, such as honey, in your favorite recipes.

6. Coconut Nectar Syrup

We’re proud to say our organic coconut nectar syrup has one ingredient—the pure nectar or sap of the coconut tree. That’s it! Use nectar syrup like honey, molasses or corn syrup to sweeten everything from a cup of tea to your fanciest dessert.

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Six Organic Coconut Products You Should be Using Now
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Six Organic Coconut Products You Should be Using Now
If you think coconut oil is the only coconut product worth buying, think again. Read this to learn more about the healthy products made from coconut.
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