Southern Zoomer Reviews Coco Treasure’s Organic Coconut Sugar

Our countdown to launching Coco Treasure’s organic products is still on-going, but we want to give you some tiny bits of information for you to have something to look forward to.

Susan Bridges of Southern Zoomer reviewed three of Coco Treasure’s products – coconut nectar syrup, coconut sugar, and coconut oil. Since we already heard what she has to say about our coconut nectar syrup, which was discussed in the previous post, let’s know her thoughts about Coco Treasure’s coconut sugar.

Thoughts About Coco Treasure’s Coconut Sugar

An excellent alternative to regular sugars, Coco Treasure’s Coconut Sugar is handcrafted in the Philippine Islands. Unrefined and packed with so much flavor, this sugar is highly-recommended for those who have high cholesterol and or on a gluten-free diet.

According to Dr. Weil, who Susan follows and relies on for advice when it comes to healthy choices, coconut sugar provides the same amounts of carbs and calories as regular cane sugar. That means, you are also getting approximately 70 to 79% sucrose and only 3 to 9% each of fructose and glucose. So, the advantage is you are keeping your consumption of fructose as low as possible because cane sugar is 50% fructose.

While reviewing the nutrition facts, Susan found that this product is made from the sweet nectar of the coconut blossom. And as with all other coconut sugars, it is caramel-colored and tastes similar to brown sugar.

The Final Verdict

In the tests done, Susan used Coco Treasure’s coconut sugar in coffee. Although it is not as sweet as regular sugar, adding it to coffee brings a delicious mild caramelized taste. For that, this sugar deserves 4 out of 5 stars and a spot in your pantry for all your baking and cooking needs.

Overall, it is a great alternative sweetener, especially for those who love sugar, but need to reduce their consumption and lower their glycemic index.


Watch the full video review below.

Written by Catherine Trimidal

A writer by day and a good daughter by night, Catherine works for the content team at Coco Treasure, where she shares her knowledge and expertise about everything natural and organic.

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