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Top 10 Paleo Diet Blogs of 2016

Coco Treasure’s Top 10 Paleo Diet Blogs of 2016

Of course, the best way to eat the Paleolithic way is by following good Paleo diet blogs. Using these facets of information, you can find easy-to-follow recipes, know what foods to eat and avoid, get some helpful insights about your new diet plan, and know the real-life stories of people who are eating Paleo in this fast-paced era.

In an effort to thank the people who tirelessly share helpful information with us, we came up with this top 10 list. By visiting each one of the blogs listed here, you will know why they deserve their spot.

Here are the Top 10 Paleo Diet Blogs for Your Guide

10. The Paleo Diet

A blog maintained by Dr. Loren Cordain, The Paleo Diet has been making headlines online and has been featured on the front pages of newspapers. That is because he focuses on sharing diet plans and recipes fit for beginners in Paleo. Be the first to know what’s new by following his posts.

The Paleo Diet
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9. The Primal Parent

Preparing a healthy diet for the whole family is never easy. The Primal Parent can prove that. On this blog, a mother shares her daily adventures as she prepares her family to live a paleo lifestyle. She also gives tips on mental health and healthy pregnancy. This is indeed a great blog to follow for parents and pregnant women.

The Primal Parent
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8. Paleo Leap

If you are a newcomer to the Paleo world, you should definitely check out what’s in store for you on Paleo Leap. This blog provides shopping lists, meal plans, and other money saving tips to help you live the ancient way at ease and with confidence.

Paleo Leap
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7. The Domestic Man

Russ Crandall of The Domestic Man aims to bring awareness to modern humans about where food actually comes from. He wants to inspire his readers by his story so that we can appreciate life and find ways to preserve it. In addition, Russ shares recipes that focus on “classic, traditional, and international dishes from a historical, linguistic, and cultural perspective”.

The Domestic Man
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6. Mark’s Daily Apple

When it comes to internet resources for Paleo lifestyle, Mark’s Daily Apple can help you with that. Considered a valuable asset in the Paleo community, Mark Sisson is aware about the problems with obesity and unhealthiness in the country. In order to change it, he has vowed to change it with this blog.

Mark’s Daily Apple
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5. Real Food Liz

Real Food Liz talks about ways to be healthy and happy and provides tips on how to live a well-balanced life. The posts are written by Liz, who really takes time to create books, articles, and podcasts to reveal the truth about food.

Real Food Liz
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4. The Paleo Mom

For moms who want to introduce Paleo to their kids, The Paleo Mom is the blog for you. Dr. Sarah Ballantyne tackles various approaches that must be taken for kids of all ages. On her blog, there are many different learning resources available – product reviews, healthy recipes, as well as books!

The Paleo Mom
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3. Rubies & Radishes

Written by Arsy, Rubies & Radishes offers a great start for those who are not familiar with Paleo lifestyle. Here, she shares tasty recipes made with healthy ingredients. Aside from that, she also gives several useful tips on how to live the Paleo way.

Rubies and Radishes
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2. paleOMG

paleOMG is a blog that features a great mix of three important aspects of a Paleo lifestyle – fitness, fashion, and food. It is run by Juli, who admits she is completely obsessed with food. She continues writing for her blog to inspire us to eat something delicious without that guilt feeling.

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1. Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo is a great blog that features tips and advice on how to keep the kitchen Paleo-friendly, as well as a wide variety of tasty Paleo recipes that range from pumpkin soups to pressure cooker beef stews. This blog has been featured many times on our website due to the valuable tips and great recipes being shared here. Follow Michelle Tam and her adventures as she transforms the ingredients in her kitchen into hearty meals for the family.

Nom Nom Paleo
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While there are many different Paleo diet blogs out there, only a few withstood the test of time. And they continue to provide useful pieces of information to anyone who wants to live the Paleolithic way. How about you? Do you have other Paleo diet blogs to recommend? Feel free to share them below.