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Where Do Our Organic Coconut Products Come From?

Coconut in the Philippines

Coco Treasure USDA Certified Organic coconut food products originate from the pristine mountainous region of the southern Philippine Islands. Warm abundant sunshine and pure ocean breezes nurture the palms that produce the highest quality coconut products available anywhere in the world. Local belief is that the birthplace of life on Earth began in these same volcanic mountains. While some might consider that a myth, it is absolute fact that Coco Treasure coconuts are grown with traditional farming methods that respect the culture and environment that surrounds them. Our commitment to organic farming—yes we are proud to wear the USDA Certified Organic seal—reflects our level of care for the precious land that grows our crops.

Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, the Philippines is a sovereign island country situated in the western Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. The country is made up of more than 7,000 islands and is roughly divided into three regions. The farmland where Coco Treasure coconuts are grown is located in Southern Philippines. The rich volcanic soil of the Southern Philippines’ mountains, where active volcanos still exist, creates a unique microenvironment that produces incredibly delicious and nutritious coconuts.

How can one coconut be better than another? The coconuts grown for our company contain some of the absolute highest levels of Lauric acid of any coconuts in the world. Lauric acid is the magic ingredient behind the many health benefits of coconut oil and other coconut-based foods. Lauric acid is a Medium-Chain Triglyceride which contains antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiprotozoal properties. In other words, the lauric acid helps fight and prevent disease. It has also been found helpful in the fight against obesity as well as lowering cholesterol and balancing blood sugar levels.

When processed correctly—without heat or chemicals the way it’s done at Coco Treasure—the best pure coconut oil can contain up to 50% pure lauric acid. We believe to get the best pure coconut oil, we must first start with the best coconuts. There are other places in the world we could have chosen to source our organic coconuts, other beautiful and wonderful locations. But no other place can produce the high-quality coconuts we desire because no other has exactly the same soil, sun, breeze or people of the southern Philippines islands we call our “coconut home.”

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